As Second Acts Go…

Well, phase two of my life is complete. To wit:

i) (Most importantly) Both of my sons are now grown adults, firmly established in initial careers and thriving on their own.
ii) I’ve wrapped up all of my TO-DOs from my previous professional career(s); and
iii) I have also finished the initial output of my creative writing practice. In just two-and-a-half years I’ve created an indie publishing company and released two works, an epic novel and a comic.

My anthology comic, “Wondrous Stories Comics” is available on Drive-Thru Comics (, free for a limited time. If you like silver/bronze age collections of tales of the weird and fantastical, it might scratch that itch. I worked with nearly a dozen artists, who were from 5 different countries on three different continents. And one of its stories introduces my neurodivergent hero, THE PRECEPT. Here’s what one of the most respected writers in the comic industry says about my creation.

“”Not a dream, not what you’re expecting, but what you need.
The Precept is the start of something special by Mark Harbinger. Get in on it now.”
— Ron Marz (DC/Marvel/Image/Dark Horse)

The Precept

The Precept’s origin is told in my epic ‪#Fantasy novel, The Be(k)nighted—for sale wherever paperbacks are sold (NOTE: Seattle Book Review, Online Book Club, and Portland Book Review gave it 13 of 14 stars, combined).

Pro-tips: First, for a risk-free introduction, its prologue, cleverly titled “The Precept’s Prologue”, is a standalone short for Kindle (Free w/ KU, natch). Second, I’m always looking for people who share my tastes: high-concept, intensely fun SF/F stories with strong character arcs. If that sounds like you, let’s chat. Contact me at

So, ACT II is over. And—as a storyteller who happens to the be this story’s main character—I am relieved that my second act wasn’t as tragic as in most stories. So far, so good (touch wood).

:-{D] _Mark

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