From Middle-Age and Beyond: Thoughts on Changing Three Core Beliefs

  1. In your sense of self, move from fear of destruction to a sense of timelessness.
  2. In your self-worth/self-image, move from all external validation to belief in your inherent worth (and trust it will be recognized by others).
  3. In your sense of control, move from a feeling of scarcity and zero-sum to being receptive to the flow of life and its abundance. You’ve got enough time, there will be enough money—you got this. That is the type of faith that most matters.

And know that, as you do these things, you will be moving away from our ego-driven culture and the path it wants for you. So, be ready: probably you’ll piss off most people. But, if you figure out what type of (societally beneficial) activity your authentic self wants to do and do that, things should work out.

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