Mark’s Works

Wondrous Stories Comics
(Comic Anthology,
Issue #1, 2021)

If you’re a hard-core comic nerd like me, you can download a copy of my anthology comic, Wondrous Stories Comics (Issue #1), at Drive-Thru Comics.

If you like silver/bronze age collections of tales of the weird and fantastical, it might scratch that itch. I worked with a dozen artists from 5 different countries on 3 different continents. I’m very proud of what we were able to accomplish together.

PLUS, its final entry introduces my neuro-divergent hero, The Precept! Here’s what one of the most respected writers in the industry says about my creation.

“”Not a dream, not what you’re expecting, but what you need. The Precept is the start of something special by Mark Harbinger. Get in on it now.”
— Ron Marz (DC/Marvel/Image/Dark Horse)

Proud to be holding my anthology at the rack at Fantagraphics Bookstore (Seattle)

The Precept‘s origin is revealed in my novel…

The Be(k)nighted: The Untold Origin of The Precept
(Epic Occult Fantasy Novel, 2021)

The Be(k)nighted: The Untold Origin Of The Precept is available as an ebook or hard copy where all books are sold—for example here. Even better, I suggest you support your local brick-and-mortar book by ordering one from them!

Here are some reviews:

“The Be(k)nighted is a spellbinding narrative that will draw in readers from the first few sentences and leave them on the edge of their seats to the very last page…[the author’s] care and perspective of those who suffer from a mental illness is particularly riveting and provides a much-needed vantage point that is too often reduced to a stereotype, marginalized, or ignored altogether.” (5/5 STARS)
— Seattle Book Review

“The Be(k)nighted is a tightly-woven web of intrigue and adventure, melding genres through deft storytelling.”
—Tim Marquitz, author of the Demon Squad Series

“The assemblage of characters from different races is enriching…” (3/4 STARS)
— Onlinebookclub.org Review

“This is thoughtful and deep fiction for both young adults and their parents…” (5/5 STARS)
— Portland Book Review

SEE BELOW: Some Of My Other
Published Short-Stories
(Previously Online—and Current: 2003-Present)

Finally, for the past two decades—16 years in my spare time, and the last 5 in earnest—I’ve had about a dozen short stories featured in competitive (not vanity) online magazines. Here is a list of links to the ones that are still active (plus a couple of favorites from the past). These are all FREE RIGHT NOW:

The War to End All Wars
Ripples in Space (Science Fantasy) Fall 2020 Issue, and click on link)
Pub. in ’21

Two Cats and a Load of Bull: or Ferdinand, Part III (The Revenge of the Flowers)
The Nonconformist (Literary Magazine)
Pub. in ’19

101words.org (Flash Fiction E-zine)
Pub. in ’19

Happy Hollows
101words.org (Flash Fiction E-zine)
Pub. in ’19

The Nonconformist (Literary Magazine)
Pub. in ’19


Gifted (from The Tales of Myrrek)
Pub. in ’23, originally featured in Teleport Magazine

Checking it Twice

First appeared in Kenoma Magazine, 2005

The Unholy Choice

First appeared in Wild Child Magazine, 2004

And, finally, for fans of poetry, I’ve had a
trio of poems accepted in the Spring,
2022 issue of BlazeVOX HERE, eleven short
poems and haiku featured in the winter ’24
on The Black Veil Medium E-zine HERE, and
two more featured in the 2024 edition of
Poetry Pacific journal of poetry HERE:

And while you’re not supposed to be
able to pick a favorite poem, my favorite
one to write
was certainly THIS ONE, a
zuihitsu from my Substack entitled
“Being a Man”

and, my original poetry chapbook
is available (and free with Kindle) HERE: