Three-Chapter Reviews #1 (Superhero Prose)

Welcome to my first THREE-CHAPTER REVIEW, where I hope to answer that eternal question: “Should I keep reading this or not?” For an explanation of why I’m doing reviews of only three-chapters, refer to my previous post here.

This maiden voyage will have me comparing the first three chapters of the novel Soon, I Will Be Invincible to the first three chapters of the short-story Keely: A Steampunk Story (KaS). Both of these are in the SF/F: Superhero subgenre of prose fiction. And both had a lot to recommend them. It’s important to remember that, as prose stories based on the comic book medium, they are, by definition, pastiches. So while it is important to judge these on their own merits as prose works, I am also looking at whether or not they have anything new to say about the underlying comic tropes.

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