Great Writing

“That’s [Kamala’s predicament with her powers] quite a puzzle. But then—if you have lived like I have, lost what I have—you learn to find beauty in the pieces.”

—Sana, Kamala Khan’s Grandmother,
“Ms. Marvel” (2022)

Me and Ron, “Kevin Smith”-ing…

Ron is the handsome fella on the right.

I was pleased to recently hang with my friend Ron Marz (DC / Marvel / CrossGen / Dark Horse / Image …you get the idea), the comic industry writing Legend and all around Great Guy.

He was very helpful in guiding me when I wrote, edited, and produced my own comic anthology.

If there’s anyone, anywhere who spins a better Silver Surfer yarn, I don’t know who it is. And, for my money, his Justice League: Endless Winter graphic novel stacks up against any other JLA adventure.

As we posed for pics, I suggested we do a ‘Kevin Smith’ and he knew exactly what I meant.

Back When Life Was Simpler

In 1967, Paul McCartney let a stranger claiming to be Jesus Christ sit in on a Beatles recording session, saying, “Well, it probably isn’t. But if he is, I’m not going to be the one to turn him away”

Jerkwater Tweet #015

I don’t want a preacher in a pulpit telling me how to vote or a politician at a podium telling me how to pray.

Yet, strangely, I want Scarlett Johansson telling me how to do everything. Hmmm.