A Bit About Politics In The United States

I share everyone’s urge to celebrate how the Gen Z women came out in record numbers and saved our bacon during the mid-terms. They’ve bought our Democracy a few more months.

But, unfortunately, unless our lame duck Congress uses reconciliation to expand the SCOTUS, our current court is slated to release a decision next Spring to end our democracy in the Moore v. Harper case.

They weren’t afraid to take down ROE and they aren’t afraid to do this.

Six years ago, I warned everyone that Trump was a neo-nazi (and was scoffed by everyone I know); but I thought the Republican party would eventually purge him. I was correct on the former and wrong about the latter. And that’s how we ended up here.

My next prediction: People in this country will either learn how to General Strike or we all will spend the rest of their lives under authoritarian rule. #resist

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